Acoustic Signal Processing Lab

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Every day modern society generates an astounding amount of digital data, from which researchers in different fields wish to produce useful knowledge. The laboratory focuses on developing infrastructures for data management and analysis that are based on a solid theoretical basis.

The research in the laboratory is conducted by the faculty members, by their M.Sc. and Ph.D students, and by post-doctoral fellows. In addition to research activities, the laboratory offers basic and advanced courses for undergraduate students, including project courses that combine theory with practice. The laboratory possesses significant computing resources that are utilized by the researchers. The laboratory chief engineer manages and coordinates the laboratory activities with the support of a part time software engineer and an administrative assistant.


  • To develop efficient and reliable infrastructures for data management and analysis by creating a solid theoretical basis and programming solutions for practical problems
  • To build systems for data consumers and develop technologies for storing data in the cloud
  • To predict future global events based on Web dynamics and knowledge
  • To promote the research of faculty members, and to educate students in the laboratory research areas.