Active Projects

Bar-Ilan University

Picture for Robust beamforming on manifolds
Robust beamforming on manifolds
Student(s):Amit Sofer
Supervisor(s):Moshe Cohen, Daniela Shulman
Requirements:Advanced topics in robotics (236610)
Picture for Deep Ranking-Based Sound Source Localization
Deep Ranking-Based Sound Source Localization
Student(s):Orel Shoshani and Yanir Edry
Supervisor(s):Miri Ben and Moshe Catz
Requirements:Advanced topics in robotics (236610)
Single microphone speech enhancement with multi-output DNN
Student(s):Noam Bar-On
Blind audio source separation based on statistical model
Student(s):Amit Ben-Simon
Online blind audio source separation
Student(s):Aviv Doron and Oren Chizkya
Voice activity detector based on LRT
Student(s):Tomer Ron and Asaf Skital
Reverberation time estimation using DNN
Student(s):Daniel Levi and Adi Cohen
Wind noise suppression using spectral methods
Student(s):Maor Yevadiev and Omer Pinchas
cGMM-based TF clustering for LCMV beamforming
Student(s):Sefi Reshef
Speaker separation using TasNet
Student(s):Hila Yehezkel and Avi Goldsfiher
Deep ranking-based sound-source localization and tracking
Student(s):Avigail Kolobov and Gal Bental
Audio selection using DNN
Student(s):Yuval Saraf and Sara Eliasev
Singing voice and music synchronization
Student(s):Amit Eliav and Aaron Taub
Speech Distortion Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filtering Techniques for Noise Reduction
Student(s):Amit Strauss and Ofer Margalit